Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Bangkok Part 5: Taxi Driver in Bangkok - Up Close & Personal

Bangkok Taxi Drivers - Up, Close and Personal... Well.. Sort of... 
BTS and MRT would definitely be my first choice of travelling around in Bangkok. Like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, they are efficient, convenient and safe. However, there are instances where I had no choice but to flag a taxi on the Bangkok road and take a chance. Many drivers were known of hidden and suspicious agenda, but there were also friendly and nice taxi drivers who truly reflect the real culture of Siamese. 

Here, I would like to share some observations based on my readings in comparative to what I've experienced during my trips in Bangkok.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

USA: Visa Application Tips for Malaysian

Before boarding a plane to New York, eating peanuts while watching some movies on your seat and singing Alicia Keys version of New York out loud, you need to ensure some basic knowledge are fully furnished. 

And I am writing in the context of non-immigrant visa, because I do not have the intention to leave my beloved country at all. This checklist is very useful to all bimbos and himbos who may need help:

Friday, 10 May 2013

Siem Reap Part 5: The Remaining Temples on Bike

Wish Us Good Luck
A nice visit to Angkor Wat marked the smooth beginning of the day. Our target is to set our foot to ten temples. Or include other monuments or historical building as well. On bike, with one whole day pass (we need to return our bikes by 7 pm anyway), the goal was indeed a challenge. Let's see whether we were able to finish up all ten temples. 

One down. Nine to go!

Siem Reap Part 4: Angkor Wat on Bike

The Plan
Woke up at 6:00 am. Depart from Hotel at 6:30 am on bicycle. 7:00 am watched the sun comes up at the Angkor Wat. And enjoy the day, ahead of everyone else under the sun. Sounds nice? Again, that was the plan.

The Actual Event
Woke up at 7:00 am. The first ray of sunlight had penetrated the earth. One word. Late. We got up and quickly prepared ourselves for a long adventurous day. Well, better be late than never, right? Backpack, food, mineral water, torch light, guide books, sunglasses - checked. Let's go. 

We aimed to set our foot to ten temples. Sounds ambitious? We'll see!

Siem Reap Part 3: Journey to Chong Kneas Floating Village

Journey to Chong Kneas Floating Village
Chong Kneas taught me a significant lesson of life - that you can be happy by being thankful for what you have now. 

And how did Chong Kneas taught me so? By observing how happy these people could be despite the hardship they have to go through, to be resourceful as they could be in order to survive and eventually to be adaptive to dramatic seasonal change twice a year. 

Siem Reap Part 2: Wat Thmei and Silk Farm

Mr. Vannak. Driving his Tuk Tuk
Down The Lane of the Cruel Past: Wat Thmei 
At 12:00 pm, Mr. Vannak was already waiting for us in front of the hotel. We requested for him to bring us to any grocery shop nearby. At the grocery shop, we bought some biscuits and bread for ourself and for the local kids we would be meeting along the three days journey.

If you had been following my previous post, you would notice I've visited a related place named Killing Field of Cheong Eak in Phnom Penh. Wat Thmei is among hundreds of killing fields discovered in Cambodia.

Other than operating as worship place, Wat Thmei also housed a stupa erected as a symbol to honour the innocent souls who had to face the gruesome regime of nasty Pol Pot and also as a reminder to the next generation so that they would not repeat the same mistake ever again.

Siem Reap Part 1: Siem Reap Again?

Siem Reap again?
You can buy money. 
But you can never buy time and youth. 

The return ticket was around RM 455 (KL - Siem Reap). No promotion available. 
But I was so determined to go. 

I am looking forward for two things in Siem Reap. 
One, cycling around Angkor Archeological Center. 
Two, buying Cambodian men's trousers.
I am going to make both happen this time. This trip.


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