Monday, 15 April 2013

Pahang Part 2: Tea Party in Cameron Highland!

Welcome to Cameron Highland!

One of the Coolest Place in Malaysia
Let's face it. Whenever it is not raining, Malaysia is hot. So hot, that you would sweat, seconds after you got out of shower. And there are few places where you can at least get a 10% feel of London or USA or wherever cool enough for you to strike a pose in your nice sweater and jacket - Cameron Highland, Genting Highland, just to name a few.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pahang Part 1: Cameron Highland - The Chronicles of Roses, Strawberries and Tea

A video I made on our trip in December 2012.

Hairi Tahir

Selangor Part 1: Tips to Climb Broga Hill

Broga Hill. The first peak.

About Broga
A small town situated 50 km from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, whereby it sits in between the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Why the name is Broga? "Broga" was believed to originate from the word "Buragas", a mythical creature living in the forest. 

Sumatera Utara Part 1: Medan, Exploring the Sleeping City

Medan... Finally!
After a journey of two hours and a half from Berastagi, we were finally in the city of Medan. As the fourth biggest city in Indonesia, Medan is also synonym to traffic congestion problem. We were trapped in the traffic for about half an hour before arriving at the Danau Toba International Hotel.

Route Not Taken
I've been arranging itineraries for Medan prior to the trip, including Maimoon's Palace, Masjid Raya of Medan, Tjong A Fie Mansion, etc. However, it later occurred to us that the two-day trip in Medan demanded both of us to trash the itinerary out of the window and get to know Medan, up close and personal. 

My wife said, "Let's just... walk."

So we checked in, had light lunch, freshened up, and headed to the main road. 
Where to go? 
We didn't know and we didn't plan at all.

Sumatera Barat Part 5: Sipisopiso and Berastagi

Arrival in Parapat
One thing about Parapat was that there were more than one jetty receiving ferries from Samosir Island. 

And one thing about the jetty in Tomok was that there was no specification as to which jetty in Parapat they would stop by. 

You may not end up at the same jetty you were before i.e. when you were boarding the ferry to Samosir. Luckily the ferry dropped us at a jetty, which was not that far from the P.M Raja Taxi Station. But still, walking with 10 kg backpack on my back was not that convenient.   

Sumatera Barat Part 4: Pangguruan - The Best View of Toba

View of Lake Toba from the balcony of our hotel room

Bus Hunting?
On foot, we headed to the main road, particularly to the spot where the becak motor driver dropped us few hours ago. My back was aching so badly, but the thoughts of leaning my back against the bus' comfortable seat surpassed the torture. 

We really hoped that the beauty of Pangguruan worth the trouble. 


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