Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Western Australia Part 8: The City of Perth

Selfie much? 

Perth: Isn't It Time You Really Get To Know Me
So that was the catchy slogan displayed on an ads in the middle of Perth city. We've had our wonderful moments up, close and personal with the local nature landscape (Yanchep National Park, Serpentine National Park, Kings Park), historical spots (Fremantle Prison, Round House etc) and suburbs area (Fremantle). But the place of modernisation and urbanisation in the Perth City itself should not be left aside. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Western Australia Part 7: Mandurah the Heaven for Retirees

Mandurah the Blue
It was said that Mandurah originated from the word 'Mandjar' which means meeting place by the Noongar people. But Mandjar and Mandurah are obviously a remote connection in terms of spelling and pronounciation, so I assume Mandjar became Mandurah was because of mispronounciation by the English people who came later inhabited Perth. As the second largest city in Perth, Mandurah is definitely a place to drop by. But given Mandurah has became a city with the least affordable houses and premises, I do not think staying a night in Mandurah is a great idea especially those who are on budget. 

Western Australia Part 6: Serpentine National Park

A Drive to Serpentine National Park (Opens 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily)
It was not just our luck to experience close encounter with any of the local animals like kangaroos or koalas. But this was not the case with Serpentine National Park. The 50 km drive that took about one hour and a half was definitely worth it. With minimal fee of AUD 11 per car, Serpentine National Park is one of the ideal picnic spots in Western Australia. 

Western Australia Part 5: Yanchep National Park

The lake at the Yanchep National Park

A Drive to Yanchep National Park
My youngest sister-in-law nicknamed Acha wished to have a close encounter with a kangaroo. So I attempted to sell an expensive idea of Caversham Wildlife Park which almost cost about AUD 24 per person. It was unsuccessful. My father-in-law was thinking of somewhere off the popular path, and most importantly, more economic. And he stumbled upon an advertisement in the tourism brochure, promoting Yanchep National Park. AUD 11, per car, not per person. So I rest my case. Yanchep better be good, I hoped. 


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