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Makkah Part 4: Unsung Historical Sites

Normally, many of these historical sites are not listed in the schedule of most umrah packages. Nevertheless, it does not signify that these places are of less significant. Too bad I only discovered some of these places upon my return to my beloved country, Malaysia. 

If you have ample time, do ask for your tour guide to bring you to any of these places:

Birthplace of the Prophet SAW
She'eb Banu Hashim Library in Makkah. The place where Prophet Muhammad SAW was born. 12 Rabiul Awal, Monday, the year of the Elephant. 

Cemetery of the Jahiliyyah
In the haram city, there lies the daughters of pagan Arabs, who used to bury their daughters who were believed to be the sign of disgrace. 

House of Abu Bakar
In Makkah Towers Hotel Block. A prayer area is said to be located on the 4th floor. 

Janatul Ma`la
Where several family members and companions were buried here. 

Masjid Nimrah
"Today, I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you, and I have chosen Islam as your religion"
Al-Maidah verse 3.

Located on the land of Arafat. Prophet camped here during his final Hajj, where he delivered his last khutbah. 

Masjid Ra`yah
Where Prophet Muhammad's flag was planted the moment Muslim conquered Makkah. 

Mount of Abu Qubays
From the top of this mountain, it was said that the Prophet pointed to the moon and split it into half. 

Valley of Abu Talib
Where members of Banu Hashim and Banu Al-Mutallib were forced to get out from Makkah and lived painfully (economical and social boycott) for three years. 

Wadi Muhassar
"Have you not seen how your God dealt with the people of the elephants? Did He not lay their plans to waste and send against them flights of the birds who pelted them with clay pebbles, making them look (destroyed) like eaten fodder?" 
(105: 1 - 5)

Located between Mina and Muzdalifah, Wadi Muhassar witnessed the massive destruction of Abrahah and his army of elephants. 

Abrahah was a Christian King who built a beautiful cathedral, intended to compete the existing position of Kaabah as a place of worshipping for the Arab people. However, Kaabah remained as the centre of worshipping activity among the Arab people. Abrahah decided to march with his army of elephants to demolish Kaabah. Even the elephants refused to move further towards Kaabah

Allah SWT sent birds named Ababil carrying hot pebbles and small stones from hell. As the birds flew over the army, they dropped the hot pebbles and stones, causing mass killing of the army. 

Few days later, Prophet Muhammad SAW was born. And the significant year was called the Year of the Elephant. 

* * *

Due to the time constraint, we did not have the opportunity to visit all the places. If you do have time, please drop by and embrace the history. 

Until we meet again, 

Hairi Tahir

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