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Selangor Part 1: Tips to Climb Broga Hill

Broga Hill. The first peak.

About Broga
A small town situated 50 km from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, whereby it sits in between the border of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. Why the name is Broga? "Broga" was believed to originate from the word "Buragas", a mythical creature living in the forest. 

The tall grass

Nowadays, the popularity of Broga had largely been associated with the magnificent hills named Bukit Broga or Broga Hill. It is also known as Bukit Lalang due to species of tall grass found there.

From peak one to peak two.

Before You Climb Broga Hill...

One: Wear suitable clothes for adventurous activities. A dry fit and a track suit would do. Even though climbing Broga Hill is considered easy, that does not mean you can take it for granted. Gila kah mahu panjat Broga sambil memakai kebaya nyonya, sari atau songket? And bring some extra clothes too, in case you want to change after the hike. Come on, you don't sweat smell of Dolce and Gabbana anyway.

Two: Wear comfortable shoes. Preferably hiking shoes with good grip. Broga turned out to be quite slippery lately. Wearing sandals is quite risky, but I've seen people doing it though. Takut nanti awok bergolek jatuh macam bola bowling, pendaki lain kat belakang semua jadi pin bertaburan...

Three: Bring your own drinking water. Mineral water or 100 plus would do. No macha stalls or 7 Eleven available up there. You wouldn't want to risk - Excuse me, sir, I am damn thirsty, can I have a sip of your mineral water? Dan jangan beli air teh dalam plastik jinjit kat tepi, nanti nak panjat yang cerun berjejehan air sampai atas nanti teguk air liur saja. 

Four: A good stamina. Fine, you've heard of grannys and old aunties reaching to the top with their five dogs. But that doesn't mean that if you can dash to the top without exercising. Spend some time doing cardio at the gym or around the neighbourhood. Or you might end up wasting other people's time waiting for you panting and in desperate need for breath.

Five: Check the weather forecast. Broga would be slippery during wet seasons. And time yourself. Are you going before the sunrise or after the sunrise. Most people would opt for before the sunrise to see the sun going up, then you will be needing torchlight. 

Six: Sunglasses, sunscreen and hats. Protect your skin. This is not really about preserving your beauty, but also for health. Direct sun light after 11 am can be cancerous. 

Do not pee here.

Seven: No toilet available up there! So do your business before you set foot at Broga. Unless if you choose to do it in between those tall grasses. Tapi lepas tu kalau anu awok bentan dan bengkak kena sumpah dengan menda-menda alam lain, kita tak tahu, ok...

Eight: Do not litter as you please. Apa awok ingat majlis bandaran naik atas sini ke nak kutip sampah awok? Be responsible towards the nature, after all, we borrow it from the next generation. 

Nine: Bring some snacks and food. In fact, you can picnic up there at the top. However, Broga Hill has been quite popular, it may be possible for you not being able to find any suitable spot to lay down your mattress, play guitar and eat sandwiches from the picnic basket. Well, if you come at a later time, you would probably find some spots. Most Malaysian would hike to witness the rising sun early in the morning.

Ten: Bring MYR 2 to pay for parking. I was told it was a private property, so the owner deserve to charge you some money.

Eleven: If you are going early in the morning, then SLEEP EARLY!

Twelve: Be careful. Fine, people said hiking Broga is easy, but please take care of yourself, it doesn't mean that you are safe from the risk of attaining injury. 

To the fourth peak

There are about four peaks on top of Broga Hills. The climb to the first one may be the toughest. It was about 70 degree and slippery. But from the second and the the third peak the climb would be easier. In fact I do not call them climbing, you are practically walking from one spot to another. Climbing the fourth peak would be the toughest, and to me it was not worth it. Fourth peak does not have the best view of Broga. 

But, from the fourth peak, you can follow the jungle trail Gunung Tok Wan. 

My favorite shot of the day. 

Wishing you all the best. Take charge and take care, okay?  

Till then, 


Hairi Tahir  

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