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Universal Studios Singapore 02: Tips for a Memorable Trip (22 - 24 June 2012)

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Tips No. 6: Know the Highly Recommended Rides and Shows
If you do not have the luxury of time to spend in Universal Studios Singapore, avoid wasting your precious time to non-recommended rides and shows. Plus, some rides do not worth the long crazy queue. The following are the available rides, shows and attractions in Universal Studios Singapore (in order of appearance from Hollywood to Madagascar):

Pantages Hollywood Theater (2/10)
Broadway-like theatre that can accommodate almost 1500 audience. Currently showing Monster Rock! The Musical featuring performances of 8 - 9 ghost characters singing some famous pop songs including Nobody But You by Wonder Girls, My Prerogative by Britney, It's My Life by Jon Bonjovi etc. Even though their individual vocal was good, the whole performance was messy. Do come back and watch the show.... only once you had finished almost all recommended rides in Universal Studios Singapore. And yeah, photography here is strictly prohibited. 

Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg (7.5/10)
Hosted by Steven Spielberg himself (yeah, right, on screen), this is a place where we will witness special effects like the rain, typhoon, fire, explosion bang bang boom in front of our own eyes! Wow! It was really awesome and real!

After that, we walked out. I was like - Is that all? I want more!

Transformers: The Ride (19/10)
No I wasn't exaggerating, I was really stunned because the ride is so cool. A must join rides. Even if you had to queue for two hours. It's worth it trust me. A ride that uses elevators to transport the ride vehicles from one platform to another, 3D-HD film on battle between Autobots and Decepticon, supported by 4D effects (water sprays, fog etc) make Transformers: The Ride as a must ride! Everything seemed so real!

Kalau kau pergi USS tapi tak pergi Transformers, sila terjun tingkap sekarang. Terima kasih. 

BattleStar Galactica Cyclon & Human (9/10)
Try Human first. If you are really up for the challenge, then Cyclon. This is a steel dueling inverted roller coster. For human, lap restrained were designed to give upper body total freedom while for cyclon, your feet was left hanging in the air, with some sudden turns which are very close to the building and the ground. I find this a very intense and challenging (yet a fun one) ride that I closed my eyes most of the time.

Human. Secured. 
Cyclon. Mampu?

Aku dah lah tengah tahan kencing, nasib baik tak terkencing dalam seluar.  

Accelerator (3/10)
Teacups like seats that spin people around. Suitable for kids. For me it's a yawnn....
Tapi pening. Aku tak suka pening-pening pusing-pusing ni.

Revenge of the Mummy The Ride (8.5/10)
A high-speed roller coaster-like ride with sharp turns and fast reverse sections. The ride was very thrilling, but it was dark that I could not see a thing. I only heard echoes of my friends screaming their lungs out. But you can feel the heat of the fireballs, the crawling of the deathly beetles etc. The queue is often a long one, and identical to walking in a real pyramid. Not that I've been there, but that was what I felt.

Treasure Hunter (3/10)
It's like having your grandfather driving you in a four wheel car along the Egyptian site. Yawwwwn....

Jurrasic Park Rapid Adventure (4/10)
Circular water raft system (series aku pening dia pusing-pusing), along the canal where the dinosours (yeah right) roamed free. You will definitely get wet here. No exception. Rent a rain coat that costs SGD 3. We queued for one hour, and it was not worth it =( Plus, the nearby locker is chargeable, so put your stuff somewhere else, not the lockers here. 

Waterworld (7/10)
Based on a 1995 film by Kevin Costner, this is a live show performance on a scene from the movie, where you can witness real actors doing stunts live. 

There are three seats color namely blue (not only you'll get wet, they'll definitely splash water on you!), green (you'll probably get wet a bit), chocolate (don't worry, they won't bother you). To me, the effects worked well but the acting were too scripted. 
Anyway, watch out for their show time! Or you will miss it...

Shrek 4-D Adventure (7/10)
A 17-minute 3D film where you where audience are required to wear 3D glasses named OgreVision. A film about the journey to help save Princess Fiona where you can clearly see, hear, almost touch and feel the action right from your seats. Example, when the donkey s~!Ih^L}e ~eh water being sprayed onto your face (eww!), the spiders crawling on your feet, the moving seats when Shrek is riding horse while chasing the enemy. 

Donkey Live
An interactive humorous show between the donkey and the audience. I was told to skip this if I do not have extra time. So I did skip.

King Julien's Beach Party Go Round
Where your kids (or you?) can ride on any of the crazy characters like foosas and lemurs going up and down, round and round. Dear adult, you may skip this, but not your child. Have some love and mercy on them. *Puss in boots' eyes.

Madagascar: A Crate Adventure (4/10)
10 minutes river boat adventure that brings you to experience the journey of four main animal characters namely Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. Equipped with digital projection, moving show action and effective sound effects, this ride promises an enjoyable ride to your kids. But not necessarily to you, dear adults. 
Tips No. 7: Find Out Whether You Are Equipped for the Ride
Most rides require children to be accompanied by supervising adult or companion. Some rides employes safety restraints which may not accommodate certain people due to their body shape or size.

Download this for further info. 

Tips No. 8: Use the Free Lockers
Lockers in Sci Fi and Ancient Egypt are free of charge for the first 30 minutes. Some other lockers such as Jurrasic Park Rapid Adventure charges SGD 4 for the first hour. Do not use lockers outside of USS. 

So, yeah, that's all I would like to share. Nothing else but pure fun in Universal Studios Singapore.


Hairi Tahir

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