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Universal Studios Singapore 01: Tips for a Memorable Trip (22 - 24 June 2012)

Let's get this straight.

Long queue for rides can be really crazy. And we don't have that much time to spend for a day. Spending your 10 minutes to read this will at least give you a rough picture on how to maximise your 8 hours in USS.

Tips No 1: Know the Climate in Singapore

Hot and humid climate. Generally November to March is rainy period. Rainfall is however unpredictable. And when it's not raining, let's face it, Singapore is HOT! The scorching sun, the temperature, everything!

Berada di Universal Studios Singapore mengundang peluh masam sepanjang hari. Puteri lilin pun boleh cair 18 kali. 

So, make sure that you wear suitable clothes during your tour in USS. Bring along your mineral water, sunglasses, hats, sun blocks, umbrella ella ella ey ey etc. Anything that will make you feel comfortable. Even though the indoor rides are air-conditioned, the heat of exposed outdoor rides can be really dehydrating. 

And also, drink a lot of water too. And they got restrooms, so please do not pee anywhere as your wish.

Tips No 2: Know How to Get to Universal Studios Singapore

Option 1: Plane > MRT > Monorail
Yes, plane trip is expensive. But have you ever heard of low cost airlines like Air Asia, Tiger Airways or Jet Star? Give them a try. Especially during promotion. Return tickets (Kuala Lumpur > Singapore) shouldn't cost more than RM 300 and most of the time, you can get the ticket at much much lesser price than that! 

From the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) choose a direct flight to Changi International Airport, where you will only have to go through simple custom procedures, get your luggage and rush to the nearest MRT station.

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What I like about travelling in Singapore is the systematic railway lines. It's easy, though you may find it confusing at first. Print the map or download the map into your ipad, iphone etc so that you know which station to stop for interchange. 

And do not forget to buy an EZLink Card that will cost you about SGD 12. Why? Because this is a Touch-n-go-like Card that will save you from a long ticket purchase que at the MRT station. No, I am not kidding. It's a long que. 

The direction: Changi Airport Station > Tanah Merah Station (train stops here, sebelum kena halau baik kau keluar dari train) > Outram Park Station (via a train heading to Joo Koon Station) > Harbourfront Station (situated nearby a mall named VivoCity Shopping Mall) > enter Vivo City and shop till you drop! No lah, crazy. Go to Lobby L at third floor to board Sentosa Express at SGD 3 > Universal Studios Singapore, baby!

Option 2: Drive > Bus > Bus
By all means ever existed under the sun, be ready before 8 am! Sharp! I don't care! Sharp! Because thanks to Singapore Custom, Immigration and Quarantine, you will be spending your lovely one hour there. 
Beratur beratur beratur sampai kau muntah. 
First you board a bus from Johor Bahru. Then you had to stop for Johor Bahru Custom, Immigration and Quarantine. Then you board another bus to Singapore Custom, Immigration and Quaratine (CIQ). Then you had to stop for Singapore CIQ. Many people queuing, they should do a flash mob here *Music: Don't stop believing! Then you board another bus again. Only after about one and half an hour, you will arrive in USS. And mind you, the long que for the bus ride in between. 
From Johor Bahru to Universal Studios Singapore, my enthusiasm drained within the two hours of journey just like that. I departed from hotel at 9:15 a.m. I arrived in USS at 11:00 a.m., where the sun had been cruel, so did the queuing crowd.

Tips No. 3: Select the Perfect Time to go to USS 
If possible, avoid weekends. And singapore public holiday. And other universal public holiday. Why? Higher admission fee, more people, longer freaking queue for rides (some can consume up to two hours). Imagine wasting your two precious hours for a less than half an hour rides or show. But most of the time, this is unavoidable. Especially working class people like me. But it would make a great difference by doing so, if possible. 

Check out the website of Ministry of Manpower for some info on public holiday in Singapore. And also other related information. 

Kalau dah jelas waktu cuti sekolah, janganlah kau bising kenapa ramai sangat budak-budak. Budak-budak tu semua pun tak pernah bising kenapa kau ada situ.

But it depends on your luck. Good luck.

Tips No. 4: Categorise Yourself for the Tour (Admission Fee Rate)

For details on admission fee, visit: Resorts World Sentosa.

There are generally four types of people for Universal Studios Singapore Trip. 

First, Normal Customer
Moving in groups, normally consisting of more than 3 persons (usually families or loving couples who do not wish to be separated), the Normal Customer paid one day pass as stipulated in Ticket Types to have some fun. However, depending so much on circumstances, normal customer may have to face long crazy queue for rides and attractions since they are going in together happily ever after. Some had to queue for almost two hours. Good luck!

Second, Single Rider
Usually travelling solo. Or actually a group of friends who does not mind to join the rides or attractions separately from each other. They paid the ticket for the same price the normal customer is paying. But single rider has special lane for all rides and attractions. Once the normal customer or the express lane customer had filled in the rides, the single rider will fill in the remaining empty seats in the rides. And they do not have to face long crazy que that will consume hours. 

Third, Express Lane Customer
Commonly known as Universal Express ticket holder, priority for all rides will be given to these express lane customer. On top of those fee paid by the Normal Customer, Express Lane Customer had to pay some additional amount. But the chance to face a shorter que can only be used once for each ride and attraction. 

Fourth, The Outsider
Free of charge. But without admission. The outsider usually dropped by to take photo at the Globe, bought some delicious candies and junkies from the store outside USS and went back home. I did this once before. LOL. 

Tips No. 5: Study the Route Inside the Universal Studios Singapore

At the entrance, particularly before you head further into Hollywood city, stopped by at a booth to take the USS brochure and map to assist your adventure.
There are seven themed zone to be explored by all tourists (in order of appearance... well if you decide to turn right after Hollywood city):

One: Hollywood
Main souvenir shopping area of Universal Studios Singapore. Very damaging to your purse and wallet. Attractive and irresistible merchandises are sold at a cruel price. 

Two: New York
The New York zone will be based on the original New York city. Nice building, main attraction for narcissists who love to take photo of themselves.  *posing sambil mulut muncung lepas tu ada tangan tunjuk simbol "peace" kat tepi mata macam bebudak perempuan Korea.

Three: Sci-Fi City
This futuristic city is based on the popular television series, Battlestar Galactica. Mind blowing crazy rides are here.

Four: Ancient Egypt
Based on the historical adaptation of Ancient Egypt and also based on the popular film franchise, The Mummy, starring Brendan Fraser. Some tall six-packs guys are here for your eyes candy. 

Five: The Lost World
Divided into two zones namely Jurrasic Park where your kids will be mesmerized by Mr. T-Rex, and also Waterworld (wet-based attractions... where you will get wet).

Six: Far Far Away
Far Far Away is inspired Shrek. Suitable for kids. Mostly indoor shows. Air-conditioned. 

Seven: Madagascar
Featuring the lion, hippo, giraffe, zebra and some other animal. Again, suitable for kids. And adult acting like kids. LOL.

Other than knowing the main theme areas in the USS, you also need to know where are the rest rooms, surau or prayer room (at Sci Fi City, and it is so damn small, only one person can take ablution at a time, and only five person can pray at a time!), the restaurants, the lockers etc. This will save your time since you know where you are heading to.

Stay tune for some other tips from me. Especially on highly recommended rides and attractions. 

Till then, adios. 

Hairi Tahir

to be continued. ..

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retna yusof said...

baru nampak butang komen hehe..

BEst! BEst!
Tak sabar nak baca review setiap game ;-)

Hairi Tahir said...

Hahaha... ok ok.. tunggu!
Tapi saya tak naik semua rides. Only selected rides, based on other people's recommendation. Sebab masa tak banyak, que panjang gile.

Faqihuddin Azman said...

bro surau ade x? kat sana

Hairi Tahir said...

Ada. Last tima aku pergi dekat area Sci Fi city, nearby roller coster area. Kecil yang amat.

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