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Makkah Part 2: Le Tour de Makkah

Places to go in Makkah
Similar to the previous trip in Madinah, the tour guide had arranged for a visit to historical sites in the city of Makkah. We gathered in front of the hotel as early as 8:30 am and patiently waited for the bus. Well, this trip took place more than a year ago, I could not recall its particular order. But I will share as much as I could remember.

Jabal Thur (Mount of Thur)
The land of the city of Makkah is indeed mountainous. Even though most of the mountains bear the same physical resemblance, each one of them carries different historical significance. One of them is Jabal Thur, a mountain that house a cave that once sheltered our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and his faithful companion, Abu Bakar RA, who seek refugee from Quraisy of Makkah. 

"If ye help not (your Leader) (it is no matter): for Allah did indeed help him; when the unbelievers drove him out: he had no more than one companion: they two were in the cave, and he said to his companion: Have no Fear for Allah is with us: then Allah sent down His peace upon him, and strengthened him with forces which ye saw not, and humbled to the depths the word of the Unbelievers. But the word of Allah is exalted to the heights: for Allah is Exalted in might, Wise."

For three days and three nights, Prophet Muhammad SAW and Saidina Abu Bakar RA remained hidden in the cave. For protection, Allah SWT instructed a spider to spin a web and two doves to make a nest and lay eggs at the entrance of the cave. The men of Quraisy, who were sent to search for Prophet Muhammad SAW, arrived at the entrance of the cave. Upon seeing the spider web and the dove's nest at the entrance, they believed that no one could have entered the cave. So they left the cave. 

Jabal Thur stood tall in front of us. We did not have time to hike to the top or even to visit the said cave. All I could do was to imagine the journey of our beloved Prophet with his companion all the way from Makkah up to the Jabal Thur. 

Mina literally means "to flow", attributable to the flowing of the blood of animals sacrificed during Eid al-Adha. During Hajj, Mina became the city of tents, housing millions of pilgrims from all over the world. 

"Carry out the zikir of Allah during the limited days. There shall be no sin on the person who chooses to hasten (to leave Mina) during the two days (by leaving Mina on the 12 Zulhijjah), nor will there be any sin on him who wishes to delay (by leaving Mina on the 13). (Forgiveness shall be) for him who possesses taqwa (throughout the Hajj journey)

Al-Baqarah  verse 203

I prayed to Allah SWT that one day, I will be invited here again, as pilgrim of Hajj. 

"The Prophet SAW said: Apart from the day of the Battle of Badr there is no day on which the Syaitan is seen to be more humiliated, more rejected, more depressed and more infuriated, than on the day of Arafat, and indeed all this is only because of beholding the abundance of descending mercy (on the day) and Allah's forgiveness of the great sins of the servants."

Being in Arafat is a fundamental in Hajj whereby the pilgrims are required to be here in 9 Dzulhijjah i.e. the second day of Hajj. On the plain land of Arafat, we could see Jabal Rahmah (Mount of Rahmah). It was on this mountain that Prophet Adam AS and his beloved wife, Siti Hawa were reunited post exile from Jannah. 

Many hawkers selling various things and beggars would chase after you here. They would distract you from your photo session with family members and friends. And to some extent, you would find the hawkers annoying. That was the reason we did not stay longer here. 

We were brought to a place, quite far from the centre city of Makkah to a place named Hudaibiyyah. As the name signifies, this was a place where a 10 year peaceful treaty between the Muslims and the Quraisy was concluded. 

The mission began when Prophet Muhammad SAW had a dream where he was performing umrah. He shared his dream with his fellow Companions who also longed to perform umrah in Makkah. Together with fifteen hundred men, the Prophet SAW and his wife, Ummu Salamah marched towards Makkah. Upon discovery of this mission, the Quraisy immediately blocked entrance to Makkah. The Prophet SAW agreed to sign a 10 year peaceful treaty with the Quraisy. 

I saw the old ruins of the masjid erected nearby. 

Farm of Camels
"Will they not regard the camels, how they are created? And the heaven, how it is raised? And the hills, how they are set up? And the earth, how it is spread? Remind them, for thou art but a remembrancer, Thou art not at all a warder over them"
Al-Ghashiyyah (17 - 21)

Driving along the highway, just by the roadside, the farm of camels were located. About 30 or perhaps 50 of camels were spotted at the farm, where the milking took place. Well, this was not just a zoo-like visit. Unlike Panda is significant to China, Koala or Kangaroo to Australia, Orang Utan to Malaysia; Camel, in fact, has a special spot in the heart of the Prophet SAW. 

I had the opportunity to witness milking process, where the camel would release a loud sound, as if she was painful or angry. Fresh camel milk was sold at 5 SAR per bottle. Typical, we took photos with some friendly camels nearby. 

Not a place to be missed, obviously. 

Consisting of three pillars named Jamrahtul Ula, Jamratul Wusta and Jamratul Aqaba, pelting stones at these three pillars is a mandatory for Hajj pilgrims. The three pillars were the place where Prophet Abraham AS pelted Syaitan with stones when he tried to persuade him to abandon his mission of sacrificing his son Prophet Ismail AS. This is also a place to symbolise that Syaitan is our enemy.

Masjid Al-Jinn

Abdullah bin Mas`ood narrated:
While in Makkah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW once said to the Sahabah RA: "Whoever wishes to see what the Jinn are all about should come along." Besides myself, no one else came. When we reached the place in the Ma`la district of Makkah, the Prophet Muhammad SAW used his foot to draw a circle on the ground. He then instructed me to sit inside the circle. After proceeding a little further, Prophet Muhammad SAW started reciting the Quran. It then happened that the Jinn started to arrive in troops as they gathered there. So many came that I could not even see the Prophet (SAW) nor hear him. The Prophet SAW then continued talking with a group of them until Fajr, when he came back to me saying: "I have given them bones and dung as their provisions so you people should ensure never use bones and dung to clean yourselves after relieving yourselves."

Tafseer Ibnu Kathir

It was in this masjid that Jinns from all over the world gathered to hear the sayings of the Prophet SAW and eventually converted to the religion of Islam. We did not dropped by at the masjid, just happened to pass by while heading back to our hotel. 

Masjid Aishah (Masjid Tana`em)
Located about 7.5 km from Makkah, the closest of all miqat points for Hajj and umrah is the Masjid of Tana`em or the Masjid of Siti Aishah. 

Jaabir RA reports that because Aishah RA was experiencing menstrual cycle the Prophet SAW instructed her to perform all the various rites of Hajj except for the tawaf. She then performed the tawaf after her cycle had ended. She then said, O Rasullullah SAW, while you have performed Hajj and Umrah, I have performed only Hajj. The Prophet SAW then instructed her brother Abdur Rahman RA to take her to Tana`em and it was from there that she performed her umrah after her Hajj during the month of Zulhijjah.

This is where the Hajj pilgrims gather after sunset from Arafat on the 9 Zulhijjah. It is a requirement to perform maghrib and isya prayer in Muzdalifah for Hajj pilgrims. This is also the place where the pilgrim may collect pebbles for Jamrah pelting purposes. 

* * *

It was a great opportunity to be able to visit these historical places. All these while I had been listening to the stories narrated by my teachers back in school. But at that particular moment, I witnessed the places where those stories took place. 

Till then, 

Hairi Tahir

Additional References: 
Dr Muhammad Ilyas Abdul Ghani, The History of Makkah Al-Mukarramah

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le tour de makkah??? sabo jelah..ha, cpt abiskan..bole i tiru. i nak abiskan travelog surabaya dulu sbb itu yg paling pendek..hihi =P

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janji tinggal janji. cait. abiskan cepat!

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May ALLAH accept your umrah and give you chance again and again if you got the chance i recommend you cheap umrah packages by which you can save some amount and also make your stay long in Makkah.

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