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Cambodia | Siem Reap 01: Cari Susur Galur Katanya

"Ascends to the realm of the gods, Angkor Wat. Descend into the hell of the Khmre Rouge at Tuol Sleng. Thanks to a history both inspiring and depressing, Cambodia delivers an intoxicating present for adventurous visitors."

Lonely Planet


1. The currency is...
The riel (r). However, USD is more accepted. It is advisable that we have both USD (general use) and riel (expenses for petty things) in hand while traveling in Cambodia. Sistem barter pula sudah lama pupus. 

2. The official language is...
Khmer language is officially used among the local people. English language is widely spoken in urban areas (Cambodian's command of English language is as good as Malaysian's command of English language). 

Other than these two primary languages, Chinese language is also widely used. In addition some local people may be able to understand Malay language as well.  

Jadi kalau nak mengumpat sangat dah tak tahan, cakap siang pandang-pandang ya. 

3. The official religion is...
Thevarada Buddhism (97%). The remaining 3% includes Christian, Islam and Animisme. 

4.  When to go...
Dry season would be Dec - April. Tropical monsoon is usually May - Nov.

5. Visas required... 
Depends on which countries you are coming from. As for Malaysians, visa is not required from us. Tourist from other countries generally will be charged USD 20 for one month trip and require a passport-sized photo. 

6. Phone lines...
Roaming and IDD lines are available, especially at big hotels, but very expensive. Local Sim Cards are widely available in most hotels, supermarkets, shops and post office. 

7. Transportation available...
Includes bicycle, motorcycle, taxi, public bus, train, rented cars and vans. Kau nak jadi suster mengesot sepanjang jalan pun boleh. 

8. Driving...
On the right. French influence. Katanya. Self drive not recommended.

9. Recommended budget...
Well, I survived with USD 100 while I was in Siem Reap. USD 20 for admission to Angkor Wat. USD 20 for two nights stay at a hotel. And the remaining USD 60 for food, transportation and minimal shopping.

The Treasure of Cambodia
Cambodia's real treasure does not lie beneath its eighth wonder of the world, or any other aging temples. But the treasure lies beneath the powerful spirit of its people. Years of struggling through hardship and poverty due to its political instability had never been a hindrance for Cambodian people to get up and strive for a better life. With their smiles intact, you will always feel that your presence are duly welcomed in Cambodia. 

I was here, in Siem Reap, (26 February - 28 February 2012) 

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