Sunday, 16 June 2013

About Perth, Australia

The Swan River. And the city of Perth.

Perth: Where It Began
For thousands years, the aboriginal people of Noongar inhibited the land for generations. The day Captain Stirling set his foot in the 19th centuries mark the significant changes to the history. The beginning of development was rather slow. Even when the convicts were sent to increase modernisation and build infrastructure, the population was still crawling bit by bit. Only when gold was discovered, the settlement became attractive and promising. However, this was somehow perceived as disadvantageous to the people of Noongar themselves. 

Journey to Perth
When I asked around, what's so special in Perth, people often said these two things.

One, Perth has the best collection of beaches. 
Two, Perth is the best place to spend your retirement days. And that the people are so nice and the surrounding places are so beautiful. 

But seeing is believing. I felt in love instantly with Perth, on the day I set my foot on the land of Perth.

I discovered that all the things people said to me about Perth were indeed true. And I am in love with Perth.

I had my memorable moments to get to know Perth. Have you?

Come and see my journey in Perth, Australia. 

Hairi Tahir

P/S: I would like to express my greatest amount of gratitude to ayah (my father in law) for giving us a chance to be part of the remarkable family vacation. This was obviously not a backpacking experience where I had the absolute privilege to determine where to go or what to do, but still, every moment of it was definitely priceless. 

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