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Western Australia Part 1: Experience the Australian Immigration

Australian Immigration: Up Close & Personal 
Many gave an impression that Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) are tough and difficult. But I still believe that if I remain completely honest and cooperative, things would definitely be smooth and easy. Just follow the procedure and things would be alright. After all, you are entering someone else's country, so it is reasonable to assume that you need to comply with their regulation. Here, let me share some things you need to prepare and do before entering the beautiful country of Australia. 

Arriving in Australia 

1. Once you said bye bye to the drop dead gorgeous stewardess, head to the ACBPS counter. Fine, go and do your business at the loo first. Okay, done? Now resume your journey to the counter. 

2. It doesn't take a Japanese to teach you that you need to wait for your turn and que up in one line. 

Tips 1: So husband, tell your wife to que behind you or before you so that you can give way to the Labrador detector dogs to sniff your bags and clothes while you were patiently waiting for your turn at the counter. The dogs were highly trained to search for illegal drugs and other prohibited goods. Don't worry, I believe the dogs were trained and won't bite people (unless you bite them lol). The most they could do is to bark on your face if your hand carried luggage smelt yesterday's McDonalds Big Mac. 

3. When it is your turn, present your passport and completed Incoming Passenger Card.

Tips 2: Complete the Incoming Passenger Card while on plane to save time when you arrived at the airport. I think this is common sense, isn't it? And please be completely honest and declare everything, as failure to do so would definitely entail fine and prosecution.

4. Walk ahead, (don’t wait for your family members at the route unless you would love to be yelled at by officer in charge), and head to the luggage claim sector. Wait for your bag. Don’t take other people’s bag.

5. Walk ahead. The officers of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF Biosecurity) would be waiting for you at another section with friendly smile. This is where you would be asked what type of food you brought in and will be asked to show the food to them. If your food are not prohibited, you can zip back your luggage and get them all scanned and x-rayed at the nearby machine. 

6. Yeay! Welcome to Australia, baby!

What Type of Food You Can/Cannot Bring In
"The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF), along with other jurisdictions, industry and the community, plays a vital role in maintaining Australia's clean and wholesome food supply - at home and abroad. Australia's biosecurity system protects our human, animal and plant health by reducing the risk of unwanted pests and diseases arriving in the country. Everyone benefits from a strong biosecurity system so everyone has a role to play". (Source: Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australia)

So now I understand why they were so strict when it comes to things you can/cannot bring in. So to be safe, just leave behind anything which is based on dairy, egg, animal, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetable. You can purchase all of these in the local market. Even if you declare, there is still a risk of the declared food being confiscated. And in most cases I've heard, no Milo managed to go through the DAFF officers. 

Post Immigration
It was super early in the morning. We saw a silent room available nearby. It may be used by Muslims for praying or any other people to perform their religious belief. But for Muslims, the water supply is not available nearby, so you need to go to the nearest rest room to take ablution. 
There was also a rack of brochures nearby, where various brochures promoting every segment of Perth were lined up neatly, free of charge. 

Tips 3: Don't forget to take Hello Perth as most free discount vouchers are provided inside. 

Outside of the Airport
Once we got the car keys from the vendor, we headed outside to our rented car. The temperature was 4 Celsius, so we were freezing beyond imagination. Come on, the coolest temperature I've experienced in my entire life was 24, and that was in Cameron Highland. 

The sun was crawling bit by bit, indicating a new day has come. Behind those leafless tree, the song Circle of Life came into my mind. 

I felt the excitement. I was finally in Perth, baby!

More to come :)

Hairi Tahir

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Gieyana said...


Hairi Tahir said...

Best best best. Stay tune for the rest of the entries. :)

zette said...

musim sejuk time u pergi? 4 degrees.. mmg ketor kaki..

Hairi Tahir said...

Ini yang cakap ke hembus nafas ke seme keluar asap.

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