Saturday, 1 June 2013

Melaka Part 1: How I Spent 3 Hours in Bandar Hilir

The Revelation for a Historic Mission
It was Wesak Day. In Malaysia, Wesak Day is considered as a public holiday. This is one of those instances where living in a multicultural society is indeed a blessing in Malaysia i.e. having multicultural h.o.l.i.d.a.y.

But I need a quick get away. Without hesitation, I chose Bandar Hilir. Together with my wife and my friend, Herman, we set our journey on Wesak Day to Melaka.

It was Wesak Day
R.e.a.d. It was Wesak Day. It was a holiday. And what happened on holiday in Malaysia? People go back to their hometown. That caused major congestion in all highways. How could I forget that. So we were stucked in the traffic for about 3 hours. For a 3 hour trip in Bandar Hilir. Pfftt...

Entering the Red City
After 3 hours journey at the highway, we entered into the red city of Bandar Hilir. The fierce red color painted on walls at the centre of the historic town was indeed dominant covering significant buildings including stadthuys, Christ Church, Clock Towers and nearby shop lots. I was not sure as to why these buildings were painted and maintained in red, but it does set a signature of the centre historic town.

Get to Know Melaka
Perhaps Malacca is the State with the most colonisation, and the tangible evidences of each colonisation are delicately preserved up to this date. So, that explained as to why Melaka was granted the title of World Heritage City by UNESCO in 2008. The historic tale of Melaka began with the fall of Melaka Sultanate, shortly before the attack by the Portuguese, followed by conquest by the Dutch, then the British, later by brief occupation of the Japanese and later by British again, before the Independence Day. This proved that the strategic location of Melaka had positioned it to be the most glorious location for maritime and trade. That many other countries aimed to conquest Melaka for its wealth. 

Come and follow me to this brief three hours journey along the memory lane in Melaka. 

Hairi Tahir

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