Friday, 13 December 2013

Western Australia Part 7: Mandurah the Heaven for Retirees

Mandurah the Blue
It was said that Mandurah originated from the word 'Mandjar' which means meeting place by the Noongar people. But Mandjar and Mandurah are obviously a remote connection in terms of spelling and pronounciation, so I assume Mandjar became Mandurah was because of mispronounciation by the English people who came later inhabited Perth. As the second largest city in Perth, Mandurah is definitely a place to drop by. But given Mandurah has became a city with the least affordable houses and premises, I do not think staying a night in Mandurah is a great idea especially those who are on budget. 

Retire Young Retire Rich: Only in Mandurah
Often, people said that the best place to retire is Perth, Australia. Fine, I admit, Perth is really a nice place. Only when I reached Mandurah, then I understood why Perth (specifically Mandurah) is really a desired place to spend the rest of your entire life in. Located about 70 km that took about 45 minutes journey by car, Mandurah appears to be the top choice for retirees. Nevertheless, I was told that houses and premises were beyond affordability. Yeah, I could see the fact, by seeing the design and location of the expensive mansions.

Mandurah: Home for the Dolphins
Nice homes for dolphins and pelicans, Mandurah offers various cruises and trips to witness the wildlife up close and personal. Since we were on budget, the cruises fees made us think twice, especially when it was caveated with the fact that witnessing dolphins jumping out of the water is not guaranteed. If you have extra budget to spend for the rest of the day, the cruises are definitely recommended. But if you do not have that much, just chill and relax by the shore. The beauty of Mandurah compensated the frustration.

What to do in Mandurah
As it was an unplanned visit to Mandurah, we felt like there was nothing much to do in Mandurah. Hence, the stay was not that long. But I do believe there are many things that you can do here in Mandurah.

Till then,

Hairi Tahir

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