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Western Australia Part 8: The City of Perth

Selfie much? 

Perth: Isn't It Time You Really Get To Know Me
So that was the catchy slogan displayed on an ads in the middle of Perth city. We've had our wonderful moments up, close and personal with the local nature landscape (Yanchep National Park, Serpentine National Park, Kings Park), historical spots (Fremantle Prison, Round House etc) and suburbs area (Fremantle). But the place of modernisation and urbanisation in the Perth City itself should not be left aside. 

The view of Perth City at Night

Knowing Where To Go in Perth City
To maximise your visit in the Perth city, it is definitely worthwhile to scan through any brochures and do a little bit of research in the internet of interesting places to drop by in the city itself. Not only you would discover the best places that promise you the best experience, but you would also discover the operating hours and applicable fees to avoid any unnecessary frustration. Perth Zoo, Swan Bell Tower, Perth Mint, Supreme Court Gardens... just to name a few.

Some of the local people in the Perth City
The Streets in the City of Perth

Traveling Around in Perth City
Self-drive is the best way to travel around in any part of the world (provided there is conducive infrastructure). Nevertheless, public transport here is efficient and cheap, making traveling from one place to another convenient and rewarding. Click here for more info on public transportation in Perth. 

The streets seem safe. The drivers were a lot more civilised than those in my own country. I could hardly find any crazy motorcyclists on the loose. The only advice I received from the locals was to stay away from drunk aboriginal guys at night.

The Swan Bell Tower
Main Tourist Attraction. Could be the Symbol of Pride for Local People

Swan Bell Tower (Opens Daily from 10 am | AUD 13 for Adult -  but check out for discounts from vouchers)
Overlooking parts of the Swan River and the Perth city itself, Swan Bell Tower is definitely the main tourists attraction. Strategically located by the Barrack St. Jetty, the design of the Swan Bell Tower stood out uniquely from other modernised and urbanised offices and premises in the Perth City. We parked our car conveniently nearby the Swan Bell Tower. Even though we decided to enjoy the view from the outside of the Swan Bell Tower, the surrounding scenery was simply breathtaking. 

Boarding the Ferry at the Barrack St. Jetty

Barrack Street Jetty: The Gate to the South Perth
The night time was approaching in an hour or two. Witnessing the reflection of the evening sun in the river would definitely be an awesome idea. Nearby the Swan Bell Tower, there was a ferry service to the South Perth, at a minimal fee of AUD 1.70 per person. So we bought ourselves the return tickets and waited patiently for the ferry. 

Actually, the ferry services offered here are from and to Fremantle, Rottnest and South Perth (including the Perth Zoo!). Getting here is also convenient, thanks to the efficient public bus services. 

If you are wondering what the view from the South Perth looks like, here it is...
The shady trees by the streets in the Perth City

South Perth
I never knew that one of the spots where I could get a really nice view of the whole Perth City (other than the Kings Park) would be the South Perth. The moment we got off from the ferry, we could see cheerful children playing joyfully in a playground nearby the South Perth Jetty. There were also the elderlies, sitting on the benches, facing the Perth City, eating fries (lepas tu aku buat muka tak malu pergi tanya, nak sikit boleh, kat mana nak beli fries yang kelihatan lazat berkrim disukai ramai ini). Several cafes located nearby, we chose a kebab restaurants to quenched our thirsts and to enjoy some fries. Yeah, while facing the view of the Perth City. The local people were so warm and friendly. I could still remember a lady passing by the restaurant and said to us: "Wow, you are all officially the ambassador for Coke!". Only then we realised that all of us ordered Coke for drinks!

Confession of Shopaholic
Souvenir Madness.... Aci tak yang tengah-tengah tu pun kira souvenir?

Sale Sale Sale Sale Sale!

I am not so sure whether having sales are actually a trend here in Perth City, or we were lucky to be here at the right time. Despite having many outlets offering branded items on sale, I only purchased souvenirs for families and closest friends. 

Perth City Got Talent

Street Performers: Perth City Got Talent
While strolling down the streets, mesmerized by the branded items on discounts, we were entertained by several street performers showcasing various talents, from singing, playing musical instruments or magical skills. The most interesting part would be when some of the musical instrument performers synergised their sounds and produced one beautiful music.

Modernly designed buildings in the city
A church in the middle of the city
The maple tree and the church
Post office and Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Artistry within Modernisation
While Perth is driven towards modernisation and urbanisation, we could still find several buildings that proudly promote English architectural designs, including the churches in the middle of the city, post office, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and other shop lots. Driving around the city or even strolling down the streets would definitely be a pleasant experience.

Perth City at Night. Captured from Kings Park

With Love
No matter how beautiful Perth has been, after a week I've started to miss my hometown already. Pursuing study in any part of Australia sounds like a great idea. I had never been to any other parts of Australia other than Perth. If Perth generally represents all parts of Australia, I would definitely wish that Perth could be my second home. Even though you are a traveller, Perth will never treat you like a stranger, and Perth will truly embrace you like a lover. 

Isn't it time you really know Perth?

Till we meet again, 

Hairi Tahir

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agip roslan said...

:) cool..nice entry bro.

i missed the part gettin' to know the city, back when visited WA early this year. spent too much time outside. wishin' to back again someday :) to clear the bucket list.

Hairi Tahir said...

thanks for reading :)
the city was not the best part of Perth, but still, there are interesting spots for visit. quest for halal food was easy as well as there were plenty of halal restaurants nearby.

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