Friday, 13 December 2013

Western Australia Part 6: Serpentine National Park

A Drive to Serpentine National Park (Opens 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily)
It was not just our luck to experience close encounter with any of the local animals like kangaroos or koalas. But this was not the case with Serpentine National Park. The 50 km drive that took about one hour and a half was definitely worth it. With minimal fee of AUD 11 per car, Serpentine National Park is one of the ideal picnic spots in Western Australia. 

The Name is Serpentine
Serpentine was said to derive its name from the early settlers from England. It was also said that the river resembles serpent. Speaking of which, while we were walking to the Serpentine Falls, I saw few huge rocks, resembling the head of serpents. Coincidence?

Picnic with the Kangaroos
Parking was convenient as there were many spots available. Or perhaps because of the fact that it was a weekday. A park with such a natural beauty would definitely be a crowded place during weekends. My mother-in-law cooked and brought our favorite fried rice along, so we quickly searched for a perfect spot to enjoy the day. One of the plus points for Serpentine National Park would be the well kept picnic spots (especially for BBQ), suitable for families and friends. And the most exciting part, while enjoying our food, we experienced the closest encounter with about seven friendly kangaroos!

Serpentine Falls
Other than the well maintained picnic spots, the Serpentine Falls remained as the National Park's main attraction. From the picnic spots, we followed the 400 m trails to the falls, whereby a nice viewing platform was located. It was not that big, but it was really a nice view. The water sent an enticing invitation for a dip, but it was winter. Gila. Sejuk.

There's Got to be More to Serpentine National Park
Other than what we've witnessed here, there are actually more to the park, including the trekking trails. However, the trails would not be a good idea for those traveling with the elderly and young kids. Nevertheless, who said you can't enjoy Serpentine National Park.

If you wish to experience something different from the popular routes, drop by to Serpentine National Park. It would definitely give you a different experience of Perth. I had mine. So should you.

Till we meet again,

Hairi Tahir

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